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Frequently Asked Questions

Question: What price Will I Have to Pay for a Kitchen You Design?

Well, we can design kitchens at any level of the market, so it's very important that you let us know what sort of budget you have available, so that we design something suitable .We can design kitchens costing less than €3,000 in total, using IKEA or B&Q units or by finding you a local supplier. Some kitchens can go as high as €30,000 depending on the quality of cabinets, Quality of appliances, type of worktop & so forth .If your project is a large kitchen with, say an island and granite worktops, then a realistic budget is €15,000 - €30,000. The important thing is indeed to get good value for money - and to make informed choices as to what you're willing to pay for - that's where we can help.


Question: Do You Carry Out Home Visits All Over the Country?


Yes, but most of our work is carried out the southern half of Ireland. I will travel subject to payment for travelling time & expenses. Mostly we can do a lot online once we have received your information & dimensions & see if a long distance visit is necessary at all.

Please contact us to discuss this further.


Question: Do you take responsibility for the supply and fitting of the kitchen?


No you sign a contract with the kitchen company, fitter or other supplier in the usual way. We are just helping you to choose suitable suppliers and get a design based on your wants and needs and not on what a particular company wants to sell you.


Question: Does the whole kitchen come from the same supplier?


Often yes, although, for some projects, it may make sense to use separate suppliers for granite or timber worktops and for appliances (see above).


Question: Do we have to use your recommended kitchen supplier?


No, not at all, you are free to take these plans to any kitchen supplier, but we can only supply project management services and negotiate on your behalf with kitchen companies we reccommend.


Question: What if we don't like the design you come up with?


Hopefully, this won't happen because we take great care to listen to your wishes. Sometimes it can, though, especially if you ask us to come up with a different and imaginative idea. In that case, we will amend the plan once (with as many changes as you require), at no extra cost.

Further amendments will cost extra.


Question: Are you completely independent, choosing from all the kitchen companies there are?


Yes, we're independent, but we tend to use kitchen suppliers that we know which is, inevitably, a fairly small number ... and they tend to be in the Cork area. They do represent a wide sector of the market, kitchen manufacturers, small businesses which buy national kitchen brands and a number of individual cabinet makers. There are pros and cons to each, which we discuss with you before making a recommendation.

If you don't live in the Cork Area, we can also investigate your local suppliers.