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Hi Pat, This is some service, I really appreciate it. The amount of detail you have put in and the measurements of everything and on Sunday and all! Thank you Pat.  I am relieved that I have it for the electrician and the plumber in the morning.  If they are here at 8.30am I have something to give them straight away. The layouts look very good. Thank you very much for all your help and hard work.  I really appreciate it.  I would have no hesitation in recommending your services to anyone. Thanks again.

(Mona, Drimoleague, Co. Cork)

Hi Pat. Thanks a lot and at first glance it looks great. Looking forward to getting quote to see what ballpark we are in. Many thanks for all your help. 

(Billy & Orla, Mitchelstown, Co Cork.)

I have used kitchen plans service recently & was exceptionally happy with the service offered. I am planning to extend my kitchen & wanted to get a good idea of how the kitchen would look after the job was done. I got several 3 D colour images sent by email & was then able to study them & get some other peoples opinions. Then I went back & made some revisions which involved moving a doorway from its planned location & revised my planned layout. After I confirmed the layout I was then given electrical & plumbing plans & full detailed plans for the builder. All this was done for what I considered to be a very reasonable fee. Kitchen plans also obtained quotes for me for the layout, one of which I accepted. I would highly reccomend it to anyone building or extending to call them in before starting work.

(Kevin, Kinsale, Co. Cork)

I recently built a new house & before work started I asked Pat from kitchen plans to come in & have a look at my architects plans from the point of laying out a kitchen. After listening & noting my requirements he came up with an initial layout which was presented to me in 3D colour, giving me a clear indicaton of what the final room layout would be once built. At this point I decided to remove the 2 small windows in the kitchen & replace it with one larger window, which in turn had a dramatic effect on the kitchen layout. I also moved the position of a doorway. This saved me a lot of money in extras to the builders as Pat was able to provide them with a size & position for the new window before the blocks were laid. I was also given a full detailed service plan which my electrician & plumber followed. On Pats reccomendation I was put in touch with a kitchen dealer for Second Nature Kitchens in Cork who I done business with for my kitchen. They worked from the plans that I had done by Kitchen Plans & the whole installation went without a hitch.

I also used Pat to plan my bedrooms, utility room & pantry area. getting socket locations & underfloor heating mats in the right location. The fee charged was more than covered by the discount recieved from the kitchen dealer alone, let alone what could have been charged in extras by builders due to not planning early. I would highly reccomend this service to anyone building or extending, as in my opinion it will save you far more than the fee on the overall build.  

(Barry, Bishopstown, Cork City)

I recently changed my kitchen which had been damaged by fire. It was a really stressful time for me & my family, coming as it did in the run in to christmas. A friend of mine reccomended Pat O Connell of Kitchen Plans as someone who could get me back in to the kitchen for christmas. Pat re designed the layout from what I had & I couldnt believe how cleverly the space was used, making it a pleasure to work in. I bake & cook a lot & everything is now at hands reach with extra drawers, a sizeable bin & a pullout larder. Pat organised everything for me & took me to see a few showrooms & I had my kitchen booked & ordered on the same day with one of his reccomended suppliers. I couldnt believe the price quoted to me for the kitchen, which when added to Pats fee was far less than I was expecting to pay for such a quality product. Pat also oversaw the installation & we were back in the house in time for Christmas.

All the stress was taken away from me with regard to the kitchen allowing me to concentrate on decorating the rest of the house. I would reccomend Pat to anyone planning a kitchen as he will maximise the space & take the hassle out of it.

(Ann & Seamus, Passage West, Co Cork.)

Excellent designer with fantastic experience. We have used his services for lots of our customers and he gets it right each time. The attention to detail is absolutely spot on. We dont have problems at installation stage because every detail has been thought through and from our point of view that leaves us with happy customers.

Highly recommended.

(Paul, Kitchen Manufacturer, Mallow, Co Cork)

Cant praise Pat enough. He was a pleasure to deal with. His knowledge and enthusiasm is evident in all communication with him. He listens to the customer and designs accordingly. I'm very happy to recommend Pat and am delighted with his design.

(Bernie, Rathoath, Co Meath)

We recently did work on a major refurbishment on our home and we had a relatively new kitchen which we hoped to have taken out and refitted in a different layout. A friend recommended Pat O Connell from Kitchen Plans to me as someone who would be able to look over the kitchen and work out how it could be refitted. He visited us and looked over our plans and took details of the units we had. He quoted us what we considered to be a very reasonable fee for his time & expertise & we were absolutely delighted with what he came back with as he was able to have the entire kitchen refitted while adding one more unit to finish it off. The kitchen is going back in a completely different location so we did not want it to look like something that had been patched back together. Now it looks even better than before it was taken out and we are delighted. We would highly recommend Pat as he was a pleasure to deal with. The plans that we got back were very detailed and our builder, plumber and electrician were able to position everything perfectly to suit the kitchen including a window which Pat was able to position on the wall & give a size for to the builder to work in with the kitchen layout. In truth without him the kitchen would have more than likely had to be replaced entirely adding thousands on to the cost of the project.

(Anne, Rochestown, Co Cork)

Thanking you for these images. We have obtained full planning so hopefully it will be all systems go soon. We really appreciate the time and effort you have put into the project with us. Well worth the money.  We will study these images and hopefully come to the right decision! Again thank you so much for your professionalism and advice. I will be highly recommending your great service. Thanks Pat

(Siobhan, Boherbue, Co Cork)

Thank you very much for these designs, they were even better than we hoped. It's so exciting to see the inside of our house! Wow, we're so impressed with the final plans! They look like photos! Thanks very much for getting these so quickly and I hope we didn't put you under pressure this weekend.

(Colm & Treasa, Athenry, Co Galway)

Thanks for sending on our final design pack, the designs look great, the 3D image is particularly cool. Can you send on our design for a quote from your reccomended supplier.

(Richard & Marie, Macroom, Co Cork)

Thanks a million for these. They look amazing. We appreciate all your work. Its great having these plans for our local cabinetmaker who we are using for the supply and fit of our new kitchen & utility.

(Ciara & Martin, Drimoleague, Co Cork)

All Looks spot on, I’m happy with what you have done, really helped in a big way Thanks for your help, you most certainly made my life easier were a pleasure to deal with, would like to thank you for your help, I will send anyone your way I possible can.

(Ciara, Mountmellick, Co Laois)

We are delighted with your drawings. Your assistance is very much appreciated. Builders arrived Tuesday so busy week, and plans were here on time! For us, it has been a huge help and great value for money working with kitchen plans..

(Diarmuid & Catherine, Vicarstown, Co Cork)

We recently undertook a major renovation of our home and we really wanted to have our kitchen designed before we started to make sure that everything would be as we wanted it. We found kitchen plans on an internet search and can contacted Pat who from the start was a wealth of knowledge on all aspects of kitchen design.

As he is based in Cork he was able to provide his services online as we were able to supply him with builders plans. The drawings and design were most impressive and really showed us the finished room in detail. The fee charged was most reasonable for the detail provided. It really put our minds at rest knowing that the kitchen was going to be exactly as we wanted it.

He was also able to provide us with full services plans for the builder and we were able to use the plans also to source the kitchen from a local supplier in kildare where we live. I would highly recommend this service to anyone about to start building or thinking of renovating as we did

(Gemma & Gareth, Newbridge, Co Kildare)

As an Interior Designer, I work with Pat on a regular basis. Pat has the ability to do a kitchen layout that is both functional and estheticly pleasing. He is a pleasure to deal with and comes highly recommended by me

(Maura, Interior Designer, Mallow, Co Cork)

This is a top class service, by a professional kitchen designer. Affordable, reliable, honest, Changes and adjustments to kitchen plans are not a problem to get the perfect kitchen.

(Declan, Bandon Co Cork)

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